Chris Thile And The How To Grow A Band
Chris Thile And The How To Grow A Band Music Fan, 2006's long awaited Summer of Acoustic Music is upon us. Can you smell it rising with circa 2003 Old Style off of the bleachers in left-center field? Breathe it in! Can you see it running tongue out, tail wagging towards your banjo stained front porch? Spit watermelon seeds at it! Why does it rise and run? Presidential decree? comfort disillusioned Cubs fans? provide me with an opportunity to introduce you, dearest Music Fan, to the How to Grow a Band? Ha!! That must be it! Without delay then, they are:

Chris Eldridge -

A guitar player with a heart of gold and fucking papers (bristle not! I quote the Coens). The son of bluegrass royalty, Critter, with his early '50s D-28 and worn tortoise shell pick will surely endear himself to your ears with penetrating harmonic wisdom and iron clad G-runs, c'mon now!

Greg Garrison -

Be warned, your dreams will be brutally crushed by Grigor (keeper of Igor, an old but precocious german factory bass that boasts a new finish), the most experienced and lowest pitched member of the band. I've considered asking his godlike 1 and 3 to be the godfather of my eventual firstborn.

Noam Pikelny -

Before there was pre-war, there was Pickles. That's right, treasured Music Fan, our dexterous five-strung, three-fingered, monotheistic Illinois University dropout comes to you from Behind the Bridge, where he dutifully breeds notes with more soul than Ryno's cleats (do cleats have soles?).

Gabe Witcher -

Though his hat be a smash, ya gotta let the Judge rule on! Whether he's helping the masses bleed for gay cowboys and computer animated automobiles or throwing down the rock in front of nervous acoustic audiences with How to Grow a Band hero, Jerry Douglas, Gabbers is always there for you when nothing but The Band will do.

We are The How to Grow a Band. Hello!