Cody Dickinson
Cody Dickinson Cody Dickinson is widely known for his role as the indefatigable drummer, keyboardist, and electric washboard maestro for the North Mississippi Allstars. He is the lifetime band companion and sibling of NMA’s guitarist Luther Dickinson. Cody is also an accomplished guitar player, songwriter and producer.

A focused performer and rhythm sage who brings a driven, constant and raw energy to the stage, Cody defines the term rock drummer with a listen and glance. His lanky frame carries a cadence authority to sustain the expeditious jams and low down pulse that his lead guitar brother and super sizeable bass player Chris Chew beget to their performances. NMA are renowned (and quite capable) for playing extended solo infused performances and appeal to a wide range of rock, blues, psychedelic and gospel music fans.

Much can be said for the discography/resume of this 31 year old instrumentalist. At present, it easily boasts over 100 listings and successful endeavors of a multifaceted nature. Cody has so far enjoyed three Grammy nominations with the North Mississippi Allstars and has professionally contributed to multiple movie soundtracks. In addition to being a full time musician, Cody runs his own digital download label, Diamond D Records. In 2007 he co-founded NMA’s record label Songs of the South Records.

When he is not busy on the road (an average of 180+ shows a year) or in the studio (an average of 6+ projects a year) he can be found enjoying the company of friends and family in his hometown of Memphis TN.