Lowell Thompson
Lowell Thompson "Lowell's music transcends the boundaries of genre. It is beautiful chameleon music. When you hear his songs you can picture a folk version, a country version, a rock version...he could even pull off a polka version. His sound and stage presence makes you stop talking and want to find out who the HELL he is." -Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

Playing, producing and recording everything on his first EP, titled "Turn”, the twenty-two-year-old Thompson showed versatility not only as a musician, but as a songwriter. A unique and soothing voice powered by a “heart on sleeve emotion” (Seven Days), Thompson took 1st place in the Northeast’s annual Advance Music Singer/Songwriter Acoustic Guitar Search of 2004.

Picking up the guitar at age 12, the self-taught Vermont native grew up on a steady regimen of punk rock and power chords. It was either the piercings or the girls (perhaps lack of), but Thompson soon realized that rock n' roll music was what he was raised on and what he was destined to play. He has drawn comparisons to Jeff Tweedy, Beck and Gram Parsons, but his songwriting transcends the boundaries of genre and is all his own. He can slow it down or turn it up, his songs equally captivating acoustically or with a band – and you can count on his steadily growing fan base to make noise wherever he plays..... they like to drink.

Following the release of "Turn", Thompson has appeared on stages in L.A., Nashville, Philadelphia and Austin, TX- just to name a few. Hot on the Burlington music scene, Thompson just released his debut full-length album with the the help of some dynamite musicians. The live band of Bill Mullins (Barbacoa, Chrome Cowboys), Kirk Flanagan (The Horse) and Steve Hadeka (The Cush, Seth Yacavone) pack the punch on much of the record while Tyler Bolles (Ryan Power Trio), Gordon Stone (Phish), Russ Lawton (Trey Anastasio Band) and Marie Claire (Fire The Cannons) add their talents to a number of tracks.