Kush Arora
Kush Arora Kush Arora was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been an active experimenter in the music scene here and abroad over the past decade. With the Surya Dub(http://www.suryadub.com) and RecordLabelRecords(http://www.recordlabelrecords.org) crew, he runs label KAP which blends dubstep, indian music, wild digital dancheall, and idm, doing vinyl and cd releases. The productions blend dancehall and punjabi vocalists and musicians with the electronic sound bubbling from S.F. Always an active performer, Kush holds down a residency at Club Six for Surya Dub, and has played alongside folks like Theivery Corporation, Pinch, Dr. Isreal, and has been featured alongside artists on releases like Alpha and Omega, Drop the Lime, and many more. Aside from his music work, he runs a studio and does sound design for projects ranging from web audio to post production. Recently, he released "From Brooklyn To SF" which has been featured in places like Fuel TV, San Francico Guardian, to the BBC.