Homegrown String Band
Homegrown String Band The Homegrown String Band, a twenty-first century incarnation of the traditional family band which was literally homegrown, consists of Georgianne and Rick Jackofsky and their two daughters Erica and Annalee. This family that plays together has been performing at coffeehouses and bluegrass, blues, and folk festivals, from Maine to Missouri since 1997. Working without a plan or adult supervision, and with unique instrumentation (guitar, fiddle, banjo uke, jawharp, mandolin, harmonica, and dulcimer), the band has taken to coloring outside the lines, and developing their own continually evolving, revolving, and sometimes dissolving musical style which has been called "hard to describe" among other things. A Homegrown String Band show is a rollicking ride through the sounds of American music, from the driving rhythms of old time dance tunes to the mournful sounds of old mountain ballads and blues.