Norma Jean
Norma Jean NORMA JEAN "The romance of manic, jagged rhythms and flailing twin guitars."

Southern music in the key of D minor. An insistent march of bedlam and beauty. Continual in nothing. Always shifting, always building. Never uniform.

Born in 2001, the newborn Norma Jean was an image of achievement, releasing the highly praised debut "Bless the Martyr, Kiss the Child" in 2002, recorded completely live, everything from the urgency of vocals to the unveiling of enthusiasm through their instruments. The vessel to a distinctive sound of pummeling time signatures and contrasting maniacal chords. Placing them on the map as an influential musical outfit, with one of the most intense audio and visual live performances around.

Three years later, with ruthless expeditions and mud slinging labor behind them, they would capture another shape with the release of their dual named, sophomore record "O God the Aftermath" (The Marvelous End of the Exhausted Contender). A dynamic gale of furious sound and unrelenting passion from start to finish. Every lyric, work of art and title holding significance. Every word and every note animated. "O' God" is a testimony of vigor through discordant guitars and ruthless downward hammering.

A tempest now awaits, with one of the bands most eventful years to date. The engine fuels to advance its musical endeavors with the release of "REDEEMER", produced by Ross Robinson (At the Drive in, Slipknot, Sepultura), a headlining slot on Ozzfest, one of the biggest metal/hardcore festivals in the world, and the Radio Rebellion tour, Norma Jeans headlining tour across the US.

With a vision of transformation, wealthy in dissonance and renewal. The almighty Norma Jean continues, with growth and enthusiasm. "Long live the queen, Norma Jean"