Laura Reed & Deep Pocket
Laura Reed & Deep Pocket Laura Reed & Deep Pocket fill the stage withcaptivating, soul shaking, conscious music. The crowd is emerged with lyrics oftruth and a voice of intensity backed by bass, organ, and drums, horns, andharmonies reminiscent of the past days of motown and funk.

The roots of their sound and message stem from Laura’sdiverse experience of growing up in South Africa and the AmericanSouth. Formed in the summer of 2006, the band switches up the music betweenfunk, progressive R&B, and pure SOUL behind Laura Reed’s captivating stagepresence.

Laura Reed’s tasteful rhythm section, Deep Pocket, consistsof Ryan Burns on piano, synth, and Mama Lou (his 1936 model-A Hammond organ).Ben Didelot brings it all together on the low end with his solid bass lines andoccasional dance steps. Jimbonk holds down the rhythm on the drum set with anamazing ability to keep the dynamic just right for not only the song but alsothe energy of the crowd. Debrissa McKinney has been a recent addition to thegroup, being referred to as the 'masta harmoniza”. She elevates the musicto the next level of sublime with her positive energy and smooth vocals. Youwill also catch Deep Pocket with the addition of tasteful guitar by SilasDurocher, the funky Asheville Horns, Soul Revolutionary Sidney Barns, musicmaster Josh Phillips, and visionary DJ Kurfu.

Throughout their career Laura Reed & Deep Pocket haveshared the stage with/recorded with: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, GeorgeClinton, Belita Woods (PFUNK), Gary 'Star Child' Shider (PFUNK), RobMercurio (Galactic), Larry Jackson (Earth Wind and Fire), Ike Stubblefield (TheFunk Bros), Kendra Foster (PFUNK), Sam Bush, The Blue Rags, Yo Mama’s Big FatBooty Band, Pato Banton and Mystic Roots Band, and the legendary Sidney Barnes.

Laura Reed and Deep Pocket have recently released theirdebut album Soul:Music. The album was recorded at Asheville's own Echo Mountain Studios, andengineered by Bill Reynolds (Band of Horses). You will be hearing more aboutthis petite siren and her hype band as they tour world-wide and spread theirmessage of empathy and love for humanity in the unconditional form of music andthe raw reflection of the human condition. Laura states music as the mosthonest and pure expression in her life, a language that allows her to release 'whatI could never even admit to myself or say out lout, but can sing.” When shesings you can feel her soul coming through the speakers, whether it’s smoothR&B, funky reggae, or just down right SOUL MUSIC.