Schuyler Fisk
Schuyler Fisk Born in Los Angeles, California, but moved to Virginia when I was just a few months old, so thats really my home town. Started singing when I was very small, and first picked up a ukulele at 4 years old and wrote my first song there was a little girl named schuyler(really, I have this on video) I also made my first music video around the age of 8, to Madonnas like a prayer and it was awesome. (yep, got that on video too) my mother introduced me to great music, like bonnie raitt, the Beatles, the allman brothers and patsy cline when I was very young, and taught me my first chords on the guitar. I didnt know how to play any cover songs, so I just used the chords I knew and starting writing songs at the age of 15. My mom would harmonize with me, and it always made my songs sound better. In high school, I played one of my songs in the talent show and my mom sang harmony with me (I have that on video too). She was the only mom in the talent show. What a trooper She still sings with me when shes in town, and its great. My dad is awesome too, but he just plays the radio, no actual instruments.