Barnraisers Classic Country Glamour. Honky-tonk spitfires. Mountain music melancholy delivered with a wink and a chuckle. This appropriately describes the Barnraisers aesthetic, sensibility, and sound. Drawing influences from early bluegrass, honky-tonk, and country music, this North Carolina bred trio would fit in nicely at your granny’s dinner table, or takin’ a big swig of your daddy’s homemade wine at the nearby drag strip.

Gathering around one mike, Tiff Reece leads the band with her sultry vocals and three-finger style banjo. She’s backed by Adam Forsythe’s flatpicking guitar, and Benjamin Smith pluckin' the mule. Barnraisers deliver a sound that is not only quality, but salt of the earth, making it easy to connect with critics and common folk alike. The usual drawbacks of having only three musicians are precisely what make the Barnraisers so great. Hiding behind each other is not an option for this band. Every member is singing, playing rhythm, and taking a lead break in practically every song, making it an unusual display of energy, enthusiasm, and sassiness.

It’s rare that you could find music that would be suitable for a romantic night with a loved one or the soundtrack to Bonnie and Clyde. Barnraisers are just that. No such thing as sophisticated, sassy, country folks, you say? Well, then you haven’t met the Barnraisers.