Barefoot Truth
Barefoot Truth "Barefoot Truth is one of the more promising young roots rock bands on the indie circuit these days"

Young and roots rock are the three defining words for Barefoot Truth. Their heartfelt, melodic songs are performed with a wide array of instruments including upright bass, lap steel guitar, congas, didgeridoo and lead harmonica.

Despite using classic folk instruments, Barefoot Truth is clearly a band of the 21st century. With each member still only 22 years old, Barefoot Truth is product of the download age and advocate spreading music through any medium possible, including file sharing. In December 2007 BFT launched, a website dedicated to free downloads of their shows and studio albums.

As multi-instrumentalist Jay Driscoll puts it, "In this digital age, there is no reason not to provide easy and free access to our music. If people like it enough, we know they will come support us at our shows."