Locos Por Juana
Locos Por Juana LOCOS POR JUANA are certainly not traditional and much less predictable. They are an urban group with a sound that is hard to define, yet its sheer exuberance and funkiness never ceases to amaze.

Locos por Juana are a self-described Latin urban orchestra from Miami whose wide-ranging musical approach draws from tropical styles such as reggae, cumbia, and afro latino rhythms as well as urban styles such as hip-hop, rock, and Latin alternative. Founded in Miami, FL, the multicultural band is comprised of Itagui Correa (vocals; from Colombia), Mark Kondrat (guitar; Colombia) and Javier Delgado (drums; Colombia).

Their hybrid sound emanates from the heart of Colombia and reflects the feelings of its people while celebrating the country's rich musical history. "These are the sounds that every Colombian carries in his heart, whether they are from Barranquilla or Medellin ... it's part of their heritage," says vocalist Itagui Correa.

Locos por Juana made their commercial recording debut in 2002 with a self-titled full-length album on the Miami-based independent label Musical Productions. Featuring the single "Que Es Lo Que Esta Pasando," Locos por Juana was critically acclaimed and earned the band a nomination for Best Urban Artist at the 2003 Premios Lo Nuestro. The follow-up album, Musica pa'l Pueblo (2005), also released by Musical Productions, and was similarly acclaimed. Featuring a duet with Armando Manzanero ("Adoro"), Musica pa'l Pueblo was nominated for Best Latin Rock Album at the 2005 Latin Grammy Awards. The third Locos por Juana album, La Verdad (2008), was released by the Universal Music Group subsidiary Machete Music and was nominated for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album at the 2009 Grammy Awards. In 2010, after a Summer Long European Tour or Germany Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland, Locos por Juana released an independent EP entitled EVOLUCION and is currently in the Studio recording songs for there new Album, SOMOS DE LA CALLE, which will be released later this year.

"Blending relaxed reggae grooves with biting social commentary, hip-hop raps with brassy solos, Locos por Juana pulls listeners into a reverse Gulf Stream churning through the Straits of Florida south to Jamaica, Venezuela and Colombia, and over to Puerto Rico." Reed Johnson, LA Times

"... Catch LPJ Live and see why this bouncy and eclectic outfit has been roping in a diverse mix of rabid fans in Europe, Puerto Rico and the US..." New York Post

"[Locos por Juana] has a devoted following thanks to its live performances and [three] albums...This hard-gigging ensemble from Miami delivers a wildly diverse sound, ranging from rock to reggae with a generous splash of Latino Caribbean sounds in between..." Leila Cobo, Billboard Magazine