You You are a quartet from the high desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Though the structure of their operation reflects what is most typical in a rock band (Austin Morrell and Hiram Camp on electric guitars, Alec Wilkes on bass alongside Eric Lisausky on drums), the implementation of this structure evades the typical. Sets sprinkled with psychedelic freak-outs that channel the ghosts of sonic explorers past. YOU moves like a party parachute, with each player pulling their corner in opposite directions, and then moving in to converge beneath the sonic tapestry they've woven, it is for dancing to. When one is permitted the privilege of seeing Wilkes stomp his redwood legs while Camp howls into a copper resonator, and Morrell and Lisausky struggle hilariously to keep their legs on pace with their arms; one simply begins to dance with a thrilling involvement.

You have shared stage with Maserati, Akron/Family, of Montreal, Outer Minds, Celestial Shore, Chrome Sparks, Steve Marion & Moon Honey.