Sparky's Flaw
Sparky's Flaw These are the boys you wish had taken you to the prom. The five members of Sparky’s Flaw make every moment count onstage, leading the audience through a catchy, kinetic routine led by frontman Will Anderson that will have you singing along before you even know the words. If you just came to dance, they brought that. If you came to fall in love, they brought that too. The unflagging pop/rock energy and charismatic youthfulness of Sparky’s Flaw almost make you forget that you’re dealing with mature, technically gifted musicians who have honed a clean and unique sound over the years. Anderson (21), Kit French (21), Johnny Stubblefield (21) and Alex Hargrave (21) not only take you out, show you a great time, and exhaust your dancing shoes; they also have the savoir faire to make sure your corsage is pinned right and you get home with your romantic streak still intact (even if you did have to share your date with a thousand other girls).