Digital Frontier
Digital Frontier "Digital Frontier is a unique symbiosis of musical talent. Their sound is improvisational, psy-trance-ish and deliciously danceable."

Venturing into the realm of sonic sound and wave manipulation, the quartet delivers a non-stop energetic performance of tranced out madness that both shocks the senses and keeps bodies in motion until the final note is struck!

First performing in Vermont in April 2006, Digital Frontier has expanded its sound, producing tight compositions and digitally dance fueled beats.

Built around a rhythm section that has been playing/performing together for over a decade, the drum and bass combo of Sol Montoya and Zach Catarelli truly fuels the fire behind DigiFront's high energy reputation.

Adding to the "Organic Vibrations" Jesse Stocker weaves digitized flute over, under and through the ambient planes of Matt Smilkstein's keys, synth-FX, and sci-fi vocal samples.

There's something special that sets a Digifront performance apart from the pack. Whether it be the lights that regularly target burning bright beams directly onto your retinas, the live art, flower, and stuffed animal arrangements being done on stage, or the ever-growing fan-base that seamlessly whisks first timers into a fun-filled dance party that routinely stretches until the early morning hours.

The fact of the matter is that there is a unique love-affair existing between Digital Frontier and its fan-base. The relationship continuously keeps DigiFront pushing the limits of a live concert experience while keeping venues stretching up and down the East Coast consistently packed.