Nortec Collective
Nortec Collective (TIJUANA) Tijuana, Mexico is home base for the Nortec Collective. Sampling instrumental parts from dusty tapes of tambora (traditional music forms of the northwest of mexico) and norteno band rehearsals – combining the use of electronic and dance music aesthetics with the hard driving sounds and rhythms of traditional northern Mexican street music = “nor-tec” a contraction of norteno and techno. The latest release from the collective is Bostich + Fussible "Tijuana Sound Machine". Fussible (Pepe Mogt) and Bostich (Ramon Amezcua) co-founded the collective and have contributed to previous releases as well. This time around the artists combined acoustic recordings with their electronic counterparts. Instruments varying from accordions and tubas mix with drum machines and synthesizers. This effect is put into greater use live, as electronics create the foundation while live horns and other instruments keep crowds moving. This blend is at once traditional and avant garde, equally recognizable and new. Dig the sounds of Nor-Tec revolutionizing the culture of Mexico & the World.