Katie Garibaldi
Katie Garibaldi Katie Garibaldi is a touring indie singer/songwriter and guitarist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her latest release, and sixth full-length album, Next Ride Out, produced by Michael Molenda, noted producer, engineer, and editor-in-chief of Guitar Player magazine, has catapulted the young artist's career into top speed. Katie has been named a Music Connection Magazine Top 100 Live Unsigned Artist. The indie starlet was chosen as the winner of the 2011 DIY Music Festival in Los Angeles and currently, Katie is an endorsed Luna Guitars artist and Reunion Blues artist. She has recently released a new single (2012, Living Dream Music), "Baby We're Really In Love," a tribute to Hank Williams, which is now available on iTunes.

Skope Magazine says, "Overall, Katie Garibaldi and her new work offer remarkable traits such as: true-to-oneself-artistry, excellent musicianship and lyrics and vocals to die for."

Radioindy calls Next Ride Out, "a folk-pop tour de force to rival those of similar singer-songwriters whose brands are veritable household names. Like Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Fiona Apple or Ani DiFranco, Garibaldi is a soulful singer/songwriter of real - if largely unheralded - merits."

JB Swift of Swift Reviews writes, "It's no surprise that yet another good album comes out of San Francisco, CA. Singer/Songwriter Katie Garibaldi, however, raises the bar.

Katie is an innovative businesswoman, the owner of her own label, Living Dream Music, a creative recording artist, and aggressive national touring performer who has acquired a devoted fan base, due in large part to her engaging live shows, and personal connection to her listeners through her music.

Visit Katie's Official Website at www.katiegaribaldi.com