Luke Temple
Luke Temple Luke is not so much concerned with hidden worlds but with the landscape of the one around us. The concrete world is a series of relationships. Form is established by it's relationship to empty space. There will always be tension and release in an unending line as long as there is no border. Life surprises most of us , we can never see its composition, our birth is one side of the frame and our death will be the other. A song is the rise and fall of an empire. Like seeing the world from a plane….

Luke doesn't understand what any of this means but is trying his best to figure it out.

He grew up in Manchester, Mass. He attended the school of the Museum of Fine arts in Boston. He moved to New York and found the visual art world a bit too cloistered for his liking so he started singing, singing for the ones without a fighting chance, for the voiceless, for the unheard… well, not really…Mostly because he could and people seemed to like it. He tells little stories. He only understands some of them. More than anything he loves texture, color and surprise. He put one record out on Millpond records in Seattle in 2004 called Hold a Match For a Gasoline World, which was recently released on Fargo in France and the UK.

He toured around the U.S. and some in Europe. He just finished another that he recorded on an old eight track in his bed room in Brooklyn called Snowbeast. It is his greatest achievement to date. It is scheduled for release in 2007.