Something Different
Something Different Something Different mixes funky improvisational grooves, acid rock and jazz, world beat and psychedellic jams to create their "laid back" California sound. Something Different formed in Humboldt County, California, during the summer of 1997. The core of the band features identical twins on guitar and drums along with their best friends on bass, and percussion. One of Something Different's main goals is to take their musical journey out on the road while bringing enlightenment to the audience and themselves along the way.

The members of Something Different mostly originated from the central California area. Ryan and Erin Cassidy, were born and raised in Stockton, CA, as was Mark Philipp. Kevin Kotaka was born in Hawaii and relocated to Lodi, CA later. The guys have been friends most of their fact they all moved to Arcata to attend Humboldt State University.

Something Different has reached large audiences throughout California and even around the world online. Check them out on their web site at: The band jumped into online mp3 sharing and cd sales early on before the file sharing craze hit the world in 1997, and achieved over a quarter of a million downloads as well as CD sales in 9 different countries -- thanks to Their CDs include, 3 studio recorded sessions, Slackadelic recorded in 1998, More Slack recorded in 2001 and "Ready Soon" recorded in 2005. They also have 3 live recordings available. . . Live at Pamplin Grove, Slackadellic trio sessions and Live Slack.

The band has shared the stage with such artists as Martin Fierro, Josh Clark from Tea Leaf Green, Karumba Diabate and many more. The band has been on the bill with the B-Side Players, Dave Nelson Band, Tea Leaf Green, The Ideals, The Toyes, Keyser Soze and many others. They have rocked the house at many different locations throughout California and Nevada such as Wavy Gravys Black Oak Ranch at Earthdance 2003 - 2005, The Connecticut Yankee, Tounge and Groove, the Justice League (now the Independent),The Tradewinds in Cotati, The Hemp Fest West in Humboldt county, The Goldmine Winery in Columbia, The Walldorf Saloon in Nevada, The River Ranch Festival, and the Angelciti Music Market in Hollywood. Of course the guys always make it back to Humboldt for tons of local shows there. You can even catch Something Different streaming live on the radio from time to time on Humboldts own, KMUD.

Whether it is jamming on live radio and groovin at festivals or just opening for great acts, and exploring the musical space surrounding everyone. . . these guys have had some great experiences with many more to come.