CoPilot Funk. Rock. Sound.

2003 was a good year. Three Virginia Commonwealth University grads blended their musical genius to create CoPilot. Since then, Chipp Corderman, Derrick Englert, and Allen Sleeman have mastered the art of funk-rock, tailoring a sound all their own.

In 2006, CoPilot independently released their first album—On the Move—solidifying their presence and clearly defining their musical abilities. Their unique sound was an instant hit, earning them regular gigs from Charlottesville to the Outer Banks.

CoPilot continues to win audiences with their high energy performances and eclectic mix of covers. At each show, Copilot peppers in a variety of sounds, including cuts by Bob Marley, Bill Withers, R. Kelly, Jimi Hendrix, Parliament, Red Hot Chili Peppers, James Brown, Prince, Wild Cherry, Stevie Wonder, Sly and the Family Stone, Edgar Winter, Joe Cocker, and Eric Clapton—just to name a few.

For album #2, CoPilot's taking that raw stage energy straight to the studio. Each new song will be recorded totally live, giving fans a consistent listening experience no matter where they are.

CoPilot hopes to start touring with a National artist or embark on a tour of their own very soon. Look for them in a city near you!