Marcia Griffiths
Marcia Griffiths The legendary Marcia Griffiths is celebrating her 40th anniversary in music, with an album of newly recorded favorites and recent hits that highlight the ‘Shining Time’ of her life – the present. From her beginnings at the Studio One label, to her time with Bob Marley as one of the I Threes and again with her early ‘90s smash “Electric Boogie”, Marcia proved herself to be the quintessential female voice in reggae. Her unique sound has graced many classic reggae hits in each of these periods and spawned many imitators. And this album proves that Marcia is still making hits. The singer selected producers Hopeton Lindo and Syl Gordon to produce and record a mixture of classic pop songs and new originals. Shining Time is in part historical and autobiographical. The voices of Beres Hammond, Shaggy, Cutty Ranks, Hopeton Lindo and singer/song writer Annette Brisett were enlisted to broaden the range of musical selections on the album. And Jamaica’s top studio and production talent is on board to complete the package. The album is a tribute to an icon of reggae, with an esteemed past and a brighter future. It is truly a shining time for Marcia Griffiths.