8 Switch
8 Switch 8 Switch Assembly is a seven piece new/old school funk/soul/r&b band out of the Twin Cities, MN. With a solid repetoire covering multiple genres, they bring a tight originality coupled with shining musicianship to the stage. Integrating classic songs in a way you've never heard them with original "get out yo' seat and shake it" songs, 8 Switch is continuously growing and adding new material so you will always hear something new at every show.

Here's what others have said:

"8 Switch Assembly is a very solid band. If you like 70's funk, then these guys are your band. They bring fresh perspective to old funk hits. They are phenomenal singers & outstanding musicians. Their lead guitar player lays down white-hot solo's over the entire production. It is an incredible concert. I highly recomend that everyone check out 8 Switch Assembly for themselves. They are very fun & easy to dance to."