Superunloader Often evoking comparisons to the timeless pioneers in Zeppelin, Hendrix and Free, JIMMY LEWIS and SUPERUNLOADER are hardly retro, classic rock throwbacks. Their postmodern mix of primal roots and progressive aesthetics actually have more in common with the likes of Primus, The Mars Volta, Audioslave or White Stripes. The group's enigmatic, charismatic live sound has carried them to sharing the stage with the likes of Bob Dylan, Carlos Santana, Gregg Allman, Fishbone and Les Claypool, among others. Since their inception in 1994, the three have added solo projects (Lewis' acoustic sets; Farran's two solo discs) and branched out to play in other San Diego acts such as Transfer and Old Man Hands. SUPERUNLOADER released four discs on their own imprint (Superunloader reCorDs), winning two SAN DIEGO MUSIC AWARDS for "Best Rock Album” (1994’s self-titled debut, and the “Live & Unfashionable” disc in ’99). Their latest release was the casually brilliant and “stripped” performance “Live & Small (at Lestat's)” in 2007. The new studio tracks will be the band’s first since 1997’s “Goes #2.”