Nama Rupa
Nama Rupa Nama Rupa is quickly emerging as a soulful musical energy from the Midwest, currently with a home base in Madison, Wisconsin. Friends since 2004, Jason, Tyson and Paul were drawn together with similar mindsets and musical ambitions and debuted as Nama Rupa in May, 2006.

Dubbed by area press as a "reggae hybrid", Nama Rupa's music is constantly evolving as a fresh blend of conscious, progressive reggae rock with strong funk and dub undertones. Eclectic beats, catchy melodies and a psychedelic vibe keep fans dancing while the lyrics, flowing from self-reflective to socially critical, keep them thinking.

Whether fast or slow, the songs are always groovin' and Nama Rupa is always sure to keep any venue on their feet, dancing and thirsty!