Piers Faccini
Piers Faccini Piers was a painter who wrote and sang songs. And then he was a singer who painted. Now he does both. Piers' first American release is the Streets of London EP that is out now on Everloving Records.

Piers is the latest Everloving signing (Jack Johnson, Metric, Joseph Arthur, Inara George). He is the biggest selling pop artist on France's Label Blue. The Streets EP briefly showcases Piers' love for West African rhythms and mournfully elegant ballads. It is a mere snapshot of what will become the career beginnings of one of a handful of today's young, romantic poets.

This Fall Everloving will release Piers' full-length album, Tearing Sky, that was produced by Everloving co-owner JP Plunier (Ben Harper/Jack Johnson). Plunier recruited Ben Harper, members of Ben and Jack's entourage and Kaleidoscope's legendary Chris Darrow to play on the album. Standby for the Tearing Sky release date and US tour dates.