Junior & Transportation
Junior & Transportation Original heartfelt lyrics and steady grooves are what you will experience when Junior and Transportation perform. This is a band that transcends most genres and leaves you waiting restlessly for the next show to take you on a journey completely different than the last. Junior and Transportation have graced the stage with such talent as John Popper, The Cult, DJ Logic, Galactic, Global Noize, Bernie Worrell, Mike Clark, Jason Miles, Danny Louis, Eric McFadden, Jerry Joseph, Wally Ingram and Dave Schools of Widespread Panic. In 2008 Junior and Transportation were asked to perform the opening night of the Sundance Film Festival at the premiere venue, HarryO’s Nightclub.

Junior and Transportation all started with a local open mic night. Lead singer Junior backed by many familiar faces that he would commonly jam with, put together a project to explore song writing in a jam band format. Dave Knose, Jason Sawyer, and later Nate Barkdull became the standard players in this all star line up. As the house band for HarryO’s they would perform shows featuring their own songs and invite many special guests to join the evening’s festivities.

"There are never two shows alike! We always keep it different, from the guests and the set list to stretching the boundaries of our genre.” –Junior