The Drams
The Drams After beloved Texas alt-country act Slobberbone played their final show in 2004, Brent Best, the group's guitarist and singer, did some musical soul-searching. He invited various Dallas area musicians to his home studio, and when he wasn't recording other bands, he was having some fun with his own demos. Out of this solo experimentation period came the Drams -- an alternative country quintet that's actually more pop than country. With Best playing the role of frontman and guitarist once again alongside Slobberbone guitarist Jess Barr and drummer Tony Harper, fans of the recently defunct band were eager to hear the same music from the Drams. But if Slobberbone were alternative country-rock, the Drams are alternative country-pop. Former Budapest One frontman Keith Killoren welcomed his new role as bass player for the Drams and the group was given added dimension from pianist/organist Chad Stockslager, also of Budapest One. The Drams' debut album, Jubilee Dive, was released in July of 2006. ~ Megan Frye, All Music Guide