The Black Hollies
The Black Hollies The Black Hollies are a group that always strive to veer away from the center and toward the circumference. They never set out to duplicate their records while performing live.

The Black Hollies began in 2005 and have three full length LP's, a slew of 45's, and years of touring under their belts. Their themes have always been exploration of form, channeling the spontaneity of the moment, making ...arrangements, caring/not caring, charcuterie, imported Belgian ales, Indicas vs. Sativas, French wines, nasty fuzz tones, tight grooves, leslie rotors, tape wound bottom end, deep slow panning, organ grinders, tape echoes, and feeling the flow. As a collective all the players involved share a varied yet connected musical past.

The Black Hollies hastily turn a deaf ear toward connotations used to pigeonhole the band.

The Black Hollies surely hit veritable "musical sports" I"ll tell you, moments of volley and melody, dissonance and freak out, trembling effects, Egyptian leads (if there are such a thing), heavy bottom end and spacey delay but always use the groove as the glue, a quality that made the electric bands of Ye Olde Great Era stand apart from the mediocre mainstream acts of their day.