Funky Nashville
Funky Nashville Funky Nashville is the sound of the dead-dry silence of the desert mixed with the roar of the sea. It is the whiz from the never ending highway, and it's the moment between night and day where anything can happen. Funky Nashville captures body and soul through melodiuos pop songs supported by crisp funky beats, and sprinkled with elements of country, rock'n'roll, soul and blues. One groovy mixture that creates that special Funky Nashville sound.

In the spring of 2001 three musicians got together in a small cottage in the Danish countryside. The intention was to arrange and polish a number of new tracks for a coming recording. Meanwhile, the combination of spring sunshine, whiskey and an uncontrollable eagerness to play were such an inspiration to the trio that the weekend resulted in an overwhelming jam session.

‘Hitch a Ride’ is both the title of the evocative single and the new album, that Funky Nashville just released in their native Denmark on April 21. In comparison to their 2003 debut ‘A Good Day To Drive’, the profile is sharper, the style is pointing forward, and the mixing by renowned Danish producer Carsten Heller has added even more dimensions. The music, though, is still a mix of late night soundscapes, groove, road music and Morricone. On ‘Hitch a Ride’, Funky Nashville tells eleven coherent stories, revolving around the mythical figure “Lou” – a hitchhiker picked up late one night who inspired myriad stories and conjecture.