Melvin Sparks
Melvin Sparks Call it what you want: Groove, Soul Jazz, Old-School Acid Jazz, BarbequeFunk, Funk Jazz or whatever. Look up those terms in Webster's and there you'll find a picture of Melvin Sparks, the guitarist credited as the originator of the genre. This living legend is more prominent than ever as this new CD "This Is It!" reflects his sensational talent for innovation and heart pounding boogaloo-stylings. With many new originals and some reinterpreted bouncing versions of others by Smokey Robinson, Jack McDuff et al, this new disc is a masterful work by Melvin Sparks and is sure to find its rightful place in your collection of all-time favorite funk records. With organist Jerry Z and the usual suspects, Melvin again shows us why he is known as the Funkmeister Supreme.