The Permilla Project
The Permilla Project Ryan “Perm” Jackson on lead vocals and guitar, Sean “Milla” Miller, on drums, Charlie Greenhalgh on bass, and Pete Bozick on guitar, The Permilla Project formed as a group of talented freelance players bringing the heat night after night, eventually forging a new sound, along with a new band. The group explores the boundaries of all music they have reverence for. This means anything is fair game and nothing is out of the question. Deeply rooted in experimental soul and funk rock with a jam groove, the group finds its traversement through different styles only complimented by the wealth of musicians it's members have shared the stage with over the years. Members of The Permilla Project have performed on stage with individuals and groups as varied as The Bridge, The Wooten Brothers, Mookie Siegel(Bob Wier, Phil Lesh & Friends), Nicholas Peyton, Billy Taylor, Jamie McLean(Dirty Dozen Brass Band), The Written Prisms, The Grilled Lincolns, Jazzam, Smooth Kentucky, Shane Gamble Band, and countless others over the last ten years. These collaborations have been a blessing and have allowed the group to continually take their music in new and exciting directions. This is the essence of THE PERMILLA PROJECT.