Travis Ode To J Smith is Travis’s loudest, edgiest and most arresting record since their debut. Written in 5 weeks and recorded in just 14 days, it’s the sound of a band re-born, re-inspired and re-energised.

"On their sixth album, the band finally display a disregard for expectations and turn the guitars up to 11."- Independent On Sunday.

"Flitting joyfully between gonzo rock opera (no, really), Silver Sun shining power-pop and their Good Feeling debut, it's a joyous racket. Always better as underdogs, it's a band whose only link to their past is great melodies. 8/10" - Planet Sound

"This album is certainly a rush. Their re-embrace of rock is a move forward, rather than a step back – a return to form." - BBC Music

Ode to J Smith is out now on CD, Vinyl and digital formats in the UK.