The Milkstains
The Milkstains The Milkstains is a band from the awesome river city, the 804...Richmond VA. From the heart of the fan the Milkstains applies influences from many artists and styles of music, stemming from post-punk to country, reggae to blues, psychedelic to bluegrass and mashing them together into the auditory trip that is, the Milkstains.

The Milkstains was founded late in the Fall of 2003 by John Sizemore (on guitar) and Raphael Katchinoff (drums and percussion). They began playing together consistently for a better part of a few months when they launched into some recording sessions during the Christmas break of their junior year at Trinity High School. They would record 13 songs and cuts which would become their first recording session together, with a bassist short on hand (John Sizemore would fill in and record a bass track after the guitar and drum tracks) and meager recording equipment they found a solid instrumental repertoire in which to explore their newfound style.

Through the past few years the 'stains have been refining and re-teaching themselves to reach out to new ways of playing their music. With a joy and passion of just playing the music the Milkstains have landed themselves on creating and following an extensive tour and are just beginning to play in different venues and locations throughout Virginia. From Festivals, to Live Radio Performances to Dancehall's the Milkstains are driven to bringing a sound to those who really enjoy music and always look forward to a great experience.