Page France
Page France Page France is the slightly off-kilter, brainchild of Michael Nau. Beginning in the Spring of 2004 as Nau, and good friend Clinton Jones put together a collection of songs, which were, perhaps, intended to be placed on an old, dusty shelf for years to come, until Baltimore based label, Fall Records, kindly offered to release the songs as the band's debut album, Come, I'm a lion! Shortly thereafter, Page France began performing live, and recording numerous demos, and have since created a substantial following that continues to grow daily.

Nau, who rarely appears solo, loves to share the stage and studio with a lengthy cast of friends and instrumentalists coming from all corners of Maryland. The sweet and loveable voice of Whitney McGraw, and the guitar and percussion styling of good friend and collaborator, Clinton Jones, have become the base of the Page France sound. Full of spirited fun and joy, the live show plays more like a wedding celebration than a familiar rock show, as the stage fills with jubilance, while voices soar, bells ring, and each member dances from one instrument to another.

Only one year after their first release, Mr. Nau, and his cast of friends and collaborators, put together something even sweeter, more clever, more surprising, and maybe even a bit stranger. Hello, Dear Wind is new and exciting, while still paying homage to its predecessor. The campfire sing-a-longs, and the craftily, sporadic instrumentation is still thereā€¦ just living in a brand new neighborhood.