People In Planes
People In Planes PEOPLE IN PLANES are a five piece rock band (Gareth Jones -Vocals, Peter Roberts- Guitar, Ian Russel- Keyboards, Kris Blight- Bass & John Maloney- Drums) who come from Porthcawl, Wales UK.

Having released records in the past under different names, theyve spent years exploring and evolving their diverse song writing and sonic capabilities to produce their spiritually long awaited and quintessential debut as People in Planes, entitled As Far As The Eye Can See.

Song writers Peter and Gareth met in Primary school (famously by one accidentally smashing a tennis ball into the others face) as two 8 year olds with few other like minded friends. Musical collaborations started not long after with Gareth learning to play the trumpet and Peter the guitar. As young teenagers, with the explosion of Brit-Pop bands such as Super Furry Animals, Radiohead, and most importantly Supergrass (with their debut I Should Coco) hitting the streets all at once, the two friends were inspired to start playing and writing rock music. Then finally at the age of sixteen, mainly through the influences of Neil Young and the Beatles, Gareth developed his unique style of piano playing and fervent song writing hunger, and with Roberts invited John and Kris to form the original body of what People in Planes is today.

The band's insistence on diversity of sound and style is mirrored by the wide spectrum of bands theyve supported, which range from Willie Mason to the Bravery to Seether, and in fact illustrates perfectly how theyre a band who are carving out their own niche in the market place. Demoing for AFATECS began with Cooper Temple Clause/ Doves producer Dan Austin over Christmas 2004. This disc of early versions soon brought the band to the attention of none other than the producer of I Should Coco and early Supergrass mentor himself- Sam Williams. Working with Williams was the first experiment for the band in entrusting their arrangements to another party, but was one which was entirely liberating particularly for main writer Roberts, and succeeded in precipitating a work that is suitably challenging and atmospheric to the band, whilst essentially sealing them a deal with Wind-up records in mid 2005 (following their triumphant US debut at the Mercury Lounge in New York). Williams also inspired the switch in line-up, convincing Jones to take on more of a front man roll, and introduce keyboard player Ian Russel (also old school friend of the rest) to make up the five piece.

People in Planes strong visual identity (created by Airside in London) which represents their landscapy cinematic sound, was cemented by the inclusion of their promo poster into the recently published book Sonic Visuals For Music, alongside cover art from personal heroes Beck and Queens of the Stone Age. First single If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode) has caught peoples attentions world wide who empathise with the sentiment (including both the Jimmy Kimmel and Conan OBrien shows) and has provided the band with their first Top 40 hit in Rock and College radio, and heavily rotated video directed by Joaquin Phoenix- making MTVUs The Deans List, and achieving No.1 on VH1s You Oughta Know list.

People in Planes like to create cutting edge rock music utilising the warm aesthetic tones of vintage equipment and natural organic sound; and exploring the genre spanning possibilities of sampling and programming.