Cloning Cooper

Rock n' metallicountryblues with grungelicious overtones of funkefied soul and aggression...n' roll! Other sounds may creep in at any given moment!


Brian Lewis: Drummer of the band, a husband and father of two. When he's not pounding the skins he usually can be found fishing for trout or northern's on open water or via-ice, swingin' the clubs, or just diggin' life...somewhere!

Rob Stout: Lead Singer, PA, husband and father...who knows the order for this one. Rob, who in his spare time tries to rival Bob Villa with his fixer-upper home, can also be found with fishing equipment in hand or snowboarding the North Country.

Josh Clement: Lead Guitarist, businessman, student, husband, and father...still not necessarily listed in order. Josh, a 3.8 GPA student now (not 15 years ago) has known to be seen climbing the High Peaks or hanging with his wife, Holly, and kids, Colton & Lennon.

Walt Lewis: Bassist, commercial properties engineer, and tragically single. Walt has been known to fleece unsuspecting tourists of their money playing pool when he's not playing basketball, playing softball, or searching the personal ads.