Sparklehorse Once upon a crumbly cake, the morning spiked with dew Migrainee woodsman fixed the brace into his tarheel shoe He said goodbye to Charlie, now unfit to sit or shake D’hound all fat with venom from a timber rattlesnake He tried to make a break that day, sad woodsman on a dare But vexed! instead he found himself hosting quite a bear Stupid, slow and overfed this woolly one was not Our hero knew not half the tricks his caller had forgot

The bear blew snuffling cross the porch, scratching down the wall And clawing at the baseboards where the meeker beings crawl “Let me in you silly man, I’ve waited far too long It’s time to taste your body now, I’m weary of your song For five long years I’ve listened, most contented I’ll admit But just this morning I awoke and had enough of it I think it’s time I ate you, and that queer dog Charlie, too You’re useless--it’s been ages since you sang me something new”

He made the bear a promise, to shine up something big Brewed in “Murder, lust and loss and all that shit you dig I’ll just filly fetch the others, collect ‘em all back here It won’t be long til there’s a tale or 12 for you to hear If I falter you can eat them, spit their bones across the bog Just leave this busted woodsman and his bloated, snakebit dog” Quite intriguing thunk the bear, but wary just the same (His mother taught him not to smoke & never trust the lame)

“So tell me sorry woodsman, is that Sophie lass around? I think she sounds delicious, so savory pound for pound” “I’ll say,” spake the woodsman, “and I’ll bring the miner, too He’s a stringy bastard, but could be nice in stew And so many tasty others I could scare up for yr stores If you’ll let me just get on with it, attending to my chores” So mountaintop to tarbox to a Scottish chapel dank Upon a haunted desktop with a dangermouse he drank

With a Christian and his johnny hot, he toiled in the know And smarted near the altar between weatherhead & beau In Bristol town with Adrian they gave that bear what for Spanking on the steely strings with bristles from a boar Then to the static they returned, to satisfy the beast To rescue Sweet Teresa from the devils of the east Just then his fucking brace gave out, hard wear begat this fall And so the famished, fetid bear began to eat them all


Sparklehorse Fact Sheet

Sparklehorse was conceived by a rabbit in Bremo Bluff, VA in February 1995.

Vivadixiesubmarietransmissionplot was released later that year. The press liked it. Some people bought it. Others didn’t care for it much. Mark Linkous, it was decided, was mostly to blame. There was an accompanying instructional film that circulated in arty film circles. The band toured with Mazzy Star, Radiohead.

Good Morning Spider followed in 1999. It was the one with the silvery cover and a really cool song about birds.

It’s A Wonderful Life was the name of the greener one released in 2001. It sold quite a lot for this kind of thing, almost 150,000 outside North America alone. North American sales figures are classified due to national security concerns.

Linkous produced A Camp debut for Nina Persson, which sold by the truckload in Sweden. It was never released in the U.S. on account of entirely different security concerns.

He also produced Daniel Johnston’s Fear Yourself, and served as executive producer for the The Late Great Daniel Johnston, a tribute record many see as a threat to the security of all mankind.

The upcoming 2006 Sparklehorse release, Dreamt For Light Years I The Belly Of A Mountain, includes some bits with Dangermouse and a previously unreleased track with Tom Waits.

Sparklehorse music has been featured in many, many feature films, some of them not half bad.

Linkous and Dangermouse are planning a new, as yet unti