Golden What if your favorite rock star of the 1970s had come of age just a decade or two later?

Formed in 2004, Atlanta’s GOLDEN is an intelligent and dynamic rock band that successfully draws from different genres to create a sound which is reminiscent of your favorite LPs, yet fresh enough for your iPod.

Combining the lyrical sincerity of David Gray, the musical sophistication of Steely Dan, and the dynamic energy of Maroon 5, GOLDEN is one of those rare bands that can move both the spirit and the body. GOLDEN’s songwriting speaks of hope, frustration, memories, and love, with an emotional honesty that avoids cliché and sentimentality. At the same time, the band can inspire a crowd to shake the floors with their energetic instrumental forays.

For the past two years, GOLDEN has been honing their unique blend of pop and rock on Atlanta’s stages -- at The Cotton Club, Smith’s Olde Bar, Eddie’s Attic, and the 10 High Club to name a few.

Most recently, GOLDEN was chosen as the winner out of hundreds of bands in the 92.9 daveFM Search-A-Roo contest – GOLDEN will be performing at the 2006 Bonnaroo music festival.

GOLDEN’s fan base is strong and growing, thanks to their engaging stage show, compelling studio work, and dynamic website. The band maintains an active email list of nearly 1000 recipients, manages a street team for promoting events, and still finds time to put on an unforgettable live show.

Spring of 2006 saw the release of GOLDEN’s self-produced CD, and everything... which features 12 songs that highlight the stylistic breadth and diversity of the group. From radio-ready, high-energy singles like “Come Over” and “Drive”, to the delicate and introspective ballad “Here”, the album conveys a blend of maturity and playfulness that is immediately engaging. Other highlights include the jazz-inflected “Toothbrush” (a lighthearted yet sincere look at the things an ex leaves behind), the powerful and climactic “Worse for Wear”, and an intimate live version of the song “Timbuktu”, recorded at Eddie’s Attic in 2004.

Drawing from influences such as Jackson Browne, Sting, Bob Marley, David Gray, Steely Dan, and Stevie Wonder, GOLDEN demonstrates an ear for the past and a vision for the future. With top-notch musicianship to satisfy the most demanding of listeners, GOLDEN succeeds in communicating the essential truth of music -- that a great song speaks to our desire to live life to the fullest, enjoying each experience as a melody, each moment as a note in time.