Bound Stems
Bound Stems Chicago quintet Bound Stems are set to release their sophomore full-length, The Family Afloat, September 9th on Flameshovel. Bound Stems struck a distinctive chord with their ’05 debut ep, The Logic of Building the Body Plan, quickly garnering attention from the media and following with the expansive, eclectic, ’06 full-length, Appreciation Night, that received laurels from Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Alternative Press, URB, Chicago Tribune and Reader. The album incorporated elements of the band’s home town, found sounds helping to shape the feel and texture of the songs, that were explosive pop celebrations, swept off into the bustling city. With The Family Afloat Bobby Gallivan, Janie Porche, Dan Fleury, Evan Sult and Dan Radzicki continue to explore the idea of the home and family, further refining their skills and proving themselves worth every accolade that has thus far come there way, and deserving much more ahead.

The Family Afloat proves well worth the wait. While Bound Stems quit their day-jobs to tour relentlessly throughout 2006 in support of Appreciation Night, the band returned home ready for new challenges, and made the communal decision to return to the more stable life of work weeks and strong roots; Gallivan’s job as a history teacher is particularly influential in his lyrics and topics. Meanwhile the band continued to play the odd show, including Lollapalooza last August, write songs and began work last fall on a new record.

The Family Afloat includes the track, “Happens To Us All Otherwise”, filled with punchy rhythms and an unforgettable chorus, available for download now. Bound Stems will take to the road this summer showcasing the new material and will offer for sale, exclusively, The Family Afloat, on 12” vinyl. July 11th in Chicago at Schuba’s, will celebrate the first availability of the record.