The Feeling
The Feeling The Feeling - if you'll forgive our over-excitement - are one of the hottest new bands in Britain. Not because they're cool, or trendy or anything silly like that. No, because the five twenty-somethings from Sussex are mining a rich seam of '70s soft-rock (Supertramp, 10cc etc) to create some of the best pop music of recent times. Yes, pop music - but in the proper sense, like The Beatles were pop, or Queen were pop. Don't just take our word for it, though, here are some quotes from the 5-star review of the lads' upcoming album (out June 5) which appeared in the latest issue of the hard-to-please Observer Music Monthly...

'They write ornate and soaring conversational love songs, full of heart, bittersweet observation and unashamed street-level Englishness.'

'A song and performance like 'Fill My Little World' has something that Seventies corporate hacks such as Supertramp, ELO and Andrew Gold never had, even when they made good records: charm. Not to mention innocence, energy, freshness, youth.'

'The Feeling have an ability, even within the most ambitious song structure or accomplished piece of musicianship, to sound as if they are singing to you in a small, intimate club.'

'A brilliant album.'