Aquaphonics Aquaphonics is a unique and exciting Funk, Jam-tronica, and Indie Electro-Pop band that is quickly gaining steam and high reviews in their native South Florida. Derived from friends and jam sessions, Aquaphonics has boasted several different members, and has worn several different skins, yet to this day retains its original, liquid, "Aquaphonics Sound." It also is still comprised of the founding members, Jessiah Weston (drums) and Alan Martinki, (Keys) who have been melding their music since 2000. That sound changed and Aquaphonics re-emerged on the public scene in November 2008 after addition of unique and dynamic guitarist Steve Elmore. In late July 2009, the band announced the addition of a fourth member, Jim Dinsmore on bass guitar. Aquaphonics is ready to soar to new heights with their all new jazz-electro-soul inspired song writing, and they are well on their way having been spotted at a Phish after-party and opening for Perpetual Groove in recent months, and can be found at the highly anticipated Bear Creek Music and Arts Festival, November 2010. Aquaphonics is an act not to be missed!