Belinda Blair
Belinda Blair Belinda Blair joined her first band at age 17 and by 19 she was touring the U.S. on a road trip that culminated in a USO tour of the South Pacific. She gravitated to Europe where she sang in Paris with guitarist Charlie Hunter and fell under the spell of a rising international music scene led by British and American players. Her first steady gig was at a cabaret venue in the Latin Quarter where Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and other renowned singers got their start.

Belinda expanded her musical talents beyond the jazz genre as she toured Europe in a jump blues band, a Motown band, an acoustic indie rock band and then an electronica outfit. She began writing when she moved to London and formed an Indie rock band. The first day of rehearsal, her co-founder said "Oh, by the way, you're writing the lyrics and melodies". The more she wrote, the more she realized she had something to say. Belinda had became hooked on the beauty and power of language. She moved to San Francisco and formed 6-piece swing band, Jellyroll, recording 2 CD's. They received a CA Music Award and 5 of their songs were featured in the movie, Swing, starring Jacquiline Bisset and Jonathan Winters.

Belinda enrolled Russian guitarist, Konstantine Baranov to co-write and record songs in an indie rock band they dubbed The Earthlings, creating hypnotic layers of effects on guitar and vocals. They took it further when they made an album with another Russian, Constantin Gavrilov whose fresh drum and keyboard loops rooted their music in a blend of alternative rock and electronica that sounded like no other.

Belinda currently writes and records in her home/studio/cottage perched on the North Bay and performs regularly with her bands. She is also featured throughout the Bay Area and within the Burning Man Community singing and playing ukulele in her tongue-in-cheek act, Dirty Blonde on Uke.