Destroy Babylon
Destroy Babylon Punky Reggae? Dub Rock? Call it what you want, just don't assume it's like all the other white boy reggae-rock bands that rip off Sublime. Destroy Babylon is not a reggae band- 5 guys growing up in Hudson, New Hampshire would be hard pressed to claim such. Instead, they take their favorite aspects of classic Jamaican & British roots reggae and especially dub- deceptively simple grooves drenched in reverb and delay- and combine it with whatever form of rock music they land on, from psych to post-punk. Outside of dub pioneers like King Tubby, Lee Perry, and Augustus Pablo, DB finds inspiration in groups like the Clash, Gang of Four, and Frank Zappa & The Mothers who tackle topical issues with fervor and wit, while honoring the tradition of using roots reggae to address social ills (see the Heptones, Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru, to start).

Having been close friends since grade school and band mates since their early high school years, the players have a deep rooted musical connection and experience together that goes beyond the average band. After a decade of DIY recording, touring, and promoting, the group has built it's own niche in the crowded Boston music scene that has landed them gigs with the English Beat, HR of Bad Brains, Dub Trio, and many others. DB is constantly evolving as they get ready to follow up their well-received debut album (Oligopuzzled), two EPs (sEParation, The Shadow Army), and live full length (Backyard Babylon) with a new record that will further define and expand their unique sound. Keep a close eye on Babylon- it's destruction is well underway.

Destroy Babylon is:
John Beaudette - vox / gits / horn / melodica
Marc Beaudette - drums / perc / vox
Chris Moran - bass / keys
Rob Carmichael - gits / vox
Jon Mercer - keys / fx / horn