Dramarama Since forming in New Jersey circa 1982, Dramarama has disbanded and reunited several times (at one point brought back together via the VH1 reality show "Bands Reunited"). Today, they tour the country and record as a five-piece rock-and-roll powerhouse with a cohesion and confidence that can only come from decades of collective stage experience. And let it be said: This band is having more fun than ever.

The late-'90s addition of bassist Mike Davis (who plays with metal legend Rob Halford's solo project) and drummer Tony Snow (of The Change and Glimmer Stars acclaim) to the original Dramarama lineup (members Peter Wood, Mark Englert and John Easdale) has finally brought the band into its own, members say. At the prime of their careers after more than 30 years on the road, these veteran musicians clearly have as much fun as the crowds they rock out to.

Dramarama has released six critically acclaimed studio albums over the years and is currently working on their seventh LP at the legendary Village Recorder.