Death Vessel
Death Vessel MEMBERS: Joel Thibodeau – songs, guitars, singing & such

Plus the honorary: Pete Donnelly – recording engineer, producer, booster, player of many instruments Erik Carlson – collaborations, guitars & noises Micah Blue Smaldone – guitars & singing

WHERE FROM: New England

WHERE NOW: Brooklyn, NY


HOW FORMED: In Providence, Rhode Island after coming to terms with his indefinite separation from String Builder, a songwriting partnership dating back to 1996 with brother Alec Thibodeau, Joel began plunking out tunes at the kitchen table amidst electronic church bells blaring from across the street. Just down Route 10, near the zoo, Erik Carlson was spending much of his evenings and nights in headphones. With his long-time band Purple Ivy Shadows no longer, he and Joel co-founded and inducted themselves into the Cranstence Maze’s Union, each respectively forming AREA C and Death Vessel [and working on them collaboratively].