JoBu Jobu was born in October of 2005 at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale Illinois. They began by blending their love for guitar driven music. As friends and a fan base began to assemble, Jobu decided they would give something back to the fans; rhythmic beats that move bodies towards the dance floor. Although three quarters of Jobu were classical guitar majors, (Aaron Vanvooren, Matt Hines, and Andrew Neel) they knew that their music needed more than just guitar riffs and solos. With the help of then drummer Jeb Rendall, they discovered what was needed was to: incorporate more vocals, catchy melodies and encompassing grooves that would really hit home with the audience. During the next two years, Jobu managed to gain an outstanding reputation as a local artist, selling out venues all over Carbondale and made waves all around the Midwest. During the summer of 2007 Jobu gained entrance to Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, IL. This was a high point in the first era of Jobu. Drummer Jeb Rendell left the band shortly after to pursue a career in audio production in Chicago. With this in mind, Jobu searched for a replacement, but was unsuccessful. Fortunately Matt Hines received a call from an old friend (and phenomenal drummer) Evan Ryan. Evan had been a friend of Matt’s since high school, but he had been busy studying Jazz and Classical Performance at the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. After Jeb’s departure, Evan came to Carbondale to provide what was missing in Jobu. Since Evan’s arrival, Jobu has astonished fans with their intense musical ability, songwriting skills and crazy showmanship. Jobu is ecstatic to announce the release of their first studio album “Stop Time”.

Recently, JoBu has accomplished an amazing presence both on stage and with our growing listening community. Some past shows have included great performances at Summercamp 07, The Rave w/ Keller Williams, Cave Fest, The Canopy, Copper Dragon, and many others.

Aaron Vanvooren---Lead Vocals & Guitar
Matt Hines---Lead Guitar & Vocals
Andrew Neel---Bass
Evan Ryan---Drums & Percussion