Rizzo's Dilemma
Rizzo's Dilemma Rizzo's Dilemma is a hard-hitting improvisational rock band from Southern CT. After forming in 2005, the trio quickly developed a reputation for their diverse and eclectic style and tight mucisianship, and began packing clubs, bars, and small venues along the Connecticut shoreline with dedicated fans from the area and beyond.

With a sound as versatile and inventive as its members, Rizzo's Dilemma blends the technique and guidelines of roots rock with the experimentation and creativity of spontaneous improvisation. With music ranging from deep funk and delta blues to dub reggae and down-home bluegrass, the capabilities of the trio are seemingly endless.

The band has recorded several songs over the past seven years and is currently promoting their first album. In addition, the band plans to begin developing a more extensive touring schedule in the coming months and years. As their musical capabilities as a group progress and evolve, Rizzo's Dilemma continues to challenge, complicate and refine their sound and style.