Audio Angel
Audio Angel The one called Audio Angel is actually Rashida Clendening, a transplant from St. Petersburg, Florida who was destined to become one of the distinct voices of the San Francisco, US and worldwide drum and bass scenes. You may have heard Rashida's voice in commercials, cartoons and video games as her other career is in voice overs. Listen for her vocal talent cheering you along on Konami's "Dance Dance Revolution UltraMix" videogame!

As Audio Angel, she has been part of several recording projects. She had the great opportunity to record and perform in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam she got to rock it at the Paradiso with DJ Cassius 6 and at the Mazzo with B.A.S.S. superstar DJ Adi-J.

On the live tip, Audio Angel attempts to layer her voice with the music so well, people often question whether the vocals they hear are live or already on the tracks. You may have caught her recently performing live with her musical brothers, Sound Tribe Sector 9 where with each performance the beauty and connection they share locks into place like a musical puzzle unlike any group she's worked with.

Also, she is featured on 3 tracks on the Creative Source release by Calibre "Musique Concrete." Listen for more collaborations and solo work in the future.

Overall she has been grateful to bless the mic with international favorites like: Kemistry (RIP) and Storm - 98/ Bailey and Storm -99 Dom and Roland -99/2001, Future Cut - 2000, DJ SS- 2001, Robi One - 2002 and Fabio -2002. And stateside favorites: Ultraviolet, Siren, Havoc, Star Eyes, Phear, The Femme Fatales, Arc Angel Gabe Real, Alder & Karl Cutta MC, Ms. E, Mike Bee, Lady G Funk, UFO!, Scott Edmonds, Sharp, MaryJane, Freya and Valida.