Spencer Garn Organ Trio
Spencer Garn Organ Trio Explorations into a new wave of Soulful Organ Grooves is on!

Spencer Garn, at the hand of the Hammond organ, a newbie on the scene brings you a solid batch of soulful organ grooves sure to get a party going, whether it's in your living room, at a backyard BBQ, at the beach, or in the club! The SG3 is 100% Here and Now to deliver the goods.

Since '06 The Spencer Garn Organ Trio, or it's acronym SG3 has been gigging around the state of Florida, mainly around the swampy northern regions and as far south as Miami's Design District bars and swanky cabarets. The band has been brewing up a foot-stompin' batch of some funky Hammond organ Soul, Funk & Boogaloo instrumentals, and just recorded this June with producer DJ Le SPAM for the debut album. Spencer also recently recorded some organ on electrodomesticos, the most recent album, from Miami's world-renowned DJ LE SPAM & The SPAM ALLSTARS, and also plays the role of producer, and organ player, with The SOULPHONICS, who just released Vol. 1 of their debut album in March '07.

The Allstar line-up of musicians featured in the group and on the debut recording are Scott Clayton on guitar, Andrew Aranow on Drums, and Irv Campbell on saxes, and there may be a guest or two also. They have all been playing together collectively as a group for about two years and are all players in The Soulphonics, as well as all current projects with Element Records. Stay tuned for news and info regarding tour dates and the future debut release from SG3 & The Family.