Boredoms BOREDOMS, Japan's iconoclastic experimental music "unit", redefine the words "fringe" and "Frontier." Acknowledging no limits of taste or form, there are no boundaries, no ceiling on the possibilities of experience and expression for the Boredoms. Formed in Osaka in '86 with EYE Yamataka. Both first album ,ONANIE BOMB MEETS THE SEX PISTOLS ('88) Second album, SOUL DISCHARGE 99, ('99) were released from Japanese indie label Selfish. SOUL DISCHARGE 99 was released on Shimmy Disc in the U.S.A. which bring their name not only in Japan but all over the world. Trier third album, POP TATARI was released WEA in Japan in '92. In response to their recordings and live performance (US tour opening Sonic Youth in '92, Nirvana in '93, even main stage of Lollapalooza in '94) press from all over the world exhausted the full range of emotional and verbal response. After releasing their US major debut album POP TATARI in 1993, Boredoms continue to release series of EP call SUPER ROOTS, complete different approach from their album. Their third album CHOCOLATE SYNTHESIZER ('93) was the sounds that connects primitive age to future. In1998, their legendary forth album SUPER ARE was released and trance-inducing, hypnotic VISION CREATION was released in 99. Other creative people around the world had even made recordings using the sounds of the Boredoms (Re-Bore remix series)

On their own, each of the members creates staggering numbers of other sonic groups in addition to their Boredoms work. Even though some of the Boredoms left and new Boredoms arrived, that only helped them all to embrace the creative possibilities of change.

Boredoms continue to move on to the other stages of the world of the sounds which no one never have been. And still seems that You've simply got to hear it, see it to believe it!!!!!!!