JIM You have the dubious distinction of having found the myspace corner of Sven Curth. I have joined the teaming ranks of myspacers everywhere who have laid claim to their alotted bit of cyberspace in order to proudly display to the world all of the idiosyncracies that make them vastly different, more attractive and more interesting than the several hundred million other active myspace users. It's quite a phenomenon. I wouldn't want to be left out. I am a singer, guitarist and songwriter with one solo album under my belt and 5 albums released from 1995-2004 with a rock band (for which I was the writer, singer and guitarist) from the Adirondack Park in upstate NY called "Jim". I hope to record another solo album soon. My written material is heavily influenced by (and shamelessly rips off) a mixture of vintage blues, outlaw country, and various popular music. I try to come up with an even number of songs that cover such timeless human interests as drinking, fornication, reckless criminal behavior, and all things fun (i.e. socially unacceptable) as I do of "irreverent, bleak worldview" type songs. And, of course, there are the miserable songs about women.